The Walker Sling Foot Rest

Welcome to Golden Years Accessories! Home of the Walker Sling Foot Rest, the only device thatquickly turns your rolling walker into a temporary wheelchair.

The Walker Sling Foot Rest for both Open Handle & Closed Handle walkers is now available in four different colors!

Key Features of the Walker Sling Foot Rest

  • Designed for use on any rolling walker with a seat, either while sitting or being pushed while sitting.
  • Removes the strain of holding your feet off the ground while being pushed.
  • Accessories provide immediate added mobility to any rolling walker with a seat.
  • Accessories are designed for senior citizens, the elderly, invalids and their caretakers.
  • Quickly attaches to all walkers, and can easily be taken off and stored in the optional carrying case available from Golden Years Accessories.
  • Perfect for in-store or mall shopping, allowing the user much more quality time to complete their shopping needs.
  • An excellent addition for any retirement home or assisted living home needs.
  • Great for the outdoors, and greatly enhances enjoyable quality time while in parks, walking paths or downtown with family or friends.
  • Aluminum base can support up to 350 lbs.
  • Lifetime warranty on the aluminum base and rubber base plate cover.

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